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 Staff members                                                                                              

Evelyn Sattlegger, PhD, Associate Professor, Team leader

 PhD and postgraduate students                                                              

Hayley Prescott, PhD student, since 6/2016
      # Obtained MSc 1st class honours (2016)
      # Recipient of MWC doctoral scholarship (2016) 

Susanne Gottfried, PhD student, since 11/2017
      # Recipient of Massey University PhD Scholarship (2017)
      # Became Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, in recognition 
         of attainment against the UK Professional Standards Framework (2019)
      # Selected into final round of Massey's 3 minute thesis (3MT) competition (2019)

Reuben Anderson, PhD student, since 8/2019
     # Obtained MSc 1st class honours (2019)
     # Recipient of Massey University Maori PhD Scholarship (2019)

Bianca Sansom, MSc student, since 2/2020 

Reagan Dear, MSc student, since 7/2018

Aditi Ghuge, MSc Student, since 2/2018

Dao Giang, MSc Student, since 2/2019

Anna Wulf, international visitor

 Interns and volunteers                                                                              

And here we are:                                                                                         
Farewell Bilgi, March 2017

Farewell Kristina and Artem, Feb 2017


Having great food at The Wine Box.  Hayley, we can still see you  !!

Farewell Clément, May 2016

  Great job Clément for convincing Colleen (Financial administrator) to join us in the picture, how did you manage that?  Also we have in the picture our popular Jarod (Teaching technician) and Daying (our new manager for lab buildings 8 & 11, welcome Daying).  Guess who Clément is .

Farewell Rashmi, March 2016

March 2016

February 2015

Rainforrest Thai Restaurant.  ......  forgot camera ... again,,,.  But the most  important thing was that we had fun!!

Sadly it was the farewell for several people: Renuka, Fynn and Fenna.  

December 2013

... aaaaall you can eat Mongolian BBQ, vegetarian or not, a lot of food!
Rashmi is missing on the photo, where did she go? getting more food...?

July 2011  

... Having good food, and of course desert afterwards... yummm

2010   checking out the luge

  .........beware of Lora and Anna ..... !

 ...  in 2009:

 The lab is hidden behind the trees  ... really

 ... 2008 at the beach...


  Conference in Wellington ... remember the red car?!?


 Alumni - Alumni - Alumni - Alumni - Alumni - Alumni - Alumni - Alumni 

No matter for how short or long you joined the research team,
thank you very much for your contribution!

 Interns, Volunteers, Undergraduate researchers, Summer students
Bianca Sansom
Matthew Simpson
Bradley Hall
Camille el Harif
Magy Jose
Freya Koerte
Anna Wulf
Reagan Dear
Sayonara Latu
Kittipod Luengsumrit
Robyn Heald
Kristina Wolff
Artem Lehmann
Georgia Breckell
rie de Boor
Jan Gebler
Clément Daube
Katrina Shepherd
Fenna Kolbe
Fynn Hansen
Robert Knoll
Katja Dammann

Betul Taskin
Rangachari Krishnan
Katharina Dahlmann
Mathias Joachim
Hayley Prescott

Hannah Smith
Shweta Pandya
Tina Fritzsche
Jasmin Zuehlke
Josefin Soppert 
Martin Wiedemann
Christina Ellert
Stephanie Westphal
Viviane Jochmann
Jacqueline Wilmes
Anna Bruns
Samira Amiri
Lora Heffele
Su Jung Lee
Nidal Ajub
Florian Spoerl
Kirsty Mann
Bei Cao
Tracey Waller
 Technicians, Postdocs, Research Assistants, Visitors                         

Bilgimol Joseph, PhD
Ji Eun Kim, PhD
Su Jung Lee
Tracey Waller

Kristina Blagoeva
Htin Aung
Andrew Cridge, PhD

 Postgraduate students                                                                              

Tracey Waller, BSc(hons) - became PhD student at The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited, and at The University of Auckland

Yunhao (Tom) Liu, PGDip - became PhD student in the NZ Institute for Advanced Study, Massey University

Yuting (Tiena) Liang, PGDip - became MPhil student in the NZ Institute for Advanced Study, Massey University

Hee-Jun Lee, PGDip - joined the workforce, Family business

Viviane Jochmann, MSc 1st class honours - accepted position in industry

Cheng (Nancy) Qian (co-supervisor, Food microbiology) - 2015, MSc - accepted position in industry

Michael Bolech - 2015, MPhil , joined workforce (Quality manager)

Zhengjun (David) Chen, PGDip, joined the workforce (Health sector)

Hayley Prescott, 2016, MSc 1st class honours - secured MWC doctoral scholarship 

Vina Kania (co-supervisor, Food microbiology) - 2017, MSc - accepted position in industry

Kristine Castaneda (co-supervisor, Food microbiology) - 2017, MSc - accepted position in industry

Siaosi Koloamatangi - 2019, BSc(Hons)

Reuben Anderson - 2019, MSc - secured Massey University Maori PhD scholarship

 Doctoral students                                                                                        

Jyothsna Visweswaraiah - 2011,  accepted postdoc position at the
      National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA
      ? Recipient of Massey PhD Scholarship (2006)
      ? Recipient of New Zealand Postgraduate Study Abroad Award (2008)

Martina Dautel - 2012, joined the work force (Family business)
      ? Recipient of Massey PhD Scholarship (2008)
      ? Winner of the Millennium Young Scientist Award for the best student
         talk at the Queenstown Molecular Biology conference

Richard Cardoso da Silva - 2014 (co-supervisor, supervisor Prof Castilho)
ccepted postdoc position at the Max Planck Institute in Germany
     ? Recipient of several scholarships (Brazil)

Renuka Shanmugam - 2015, accepted position with large 
     Pharmaceutical Company, in Research & Development.
     ? Recipient of Massey PhD Scholarship (2009)
     ? Shortlisted for New Zealand International PhD Scholarship (2009)

Rashmi Ramesh - 2016, accepted postdoc position at Medical School,
     Linköping University, Sweden
     ? Recipient of Massey PhD Scholarship (2011)
     ? Shortlisted for New Zealand International PhD Scholarship (2011)
     ? Best oral presentation, INMS postgraduate symposium (2013)
     ? Best oral presentation,
        New Zealand Microbiological Society meeting (2013)     
     ? Selected for oral presentation at the 114th general meeting of the
        American Society for Microbiology, Boston, USA (May 2014)
     ? One of the Massey University 3-Minute-Thesis finalists (2014) 

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